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God's Warrior Angel

God’s Warrior Angel has been a significant part of my life, even before I realized who I was “calling on” for help. The powerful being I am referring to is Archangel Michael. He has assisted me, and answered my prayers for strength and courage many times. 

When I was 10 years old, my mother, sister and I took a railroad trip to “The City”, also referred to as Manhattan from our home in Long Island. The excitement built over many days, as we had never taken a grown up girl adventure with our Mom. 

When the day finally arrived, it was off we went to the train station early in the morning. The train ride was noisy and there were lots of people around, but the excitement of it all kept my sister and I chattered the whole way in. Once we ended our regular train ride, we then took the subway to our final destination. The spooky part of the trip was quick, and we were now making our way to the street from our subterranean station. As I stepped onto the escalator, it seemed to go on and on, and looked like we were taking that “stairway to heaven”. Daydreaming about the ride, I got snapped out of the imagery, by a woman’s scream for help. When I looked up, I saw a “Grandmother Type” lady falling down the moving stairs and heading towards my mom, sister and I. As I saw her falling, I heard a strong, male voice in my head say, “You cannot let her die. You must try and help her. Your example will help her be saved by another fearless act. You will be alright.” 

The powerful voice was commanding and so obediently I straddled my legs and prepared to “catch” the Grandma’s body before she went hurling past me. In what seemed like an instant, the old woman was right in front of me. When she landed on top of me, I was told again by the voice “to hold on with all your strength”, and so I did what I was told. I dug in, and held on until I felt my back beginning to give out. I whispered to her “I am sorry, but I cannot hold you any longer”…and then had to let her go. Because her momentum was slowed at my “stop”, she was caught again just before the end of the escalator and was saved from what could have been a horrible death. The being that helped me had certainly been right in the way things turned out. I didn’t feel my mother’s hands holding mine while the incident was occurring, but Mom held on so tight to me, that she cut her hand. By the time we arrived at the top of the escalator, onto the street and into the sunshine all of our lives had changed. I tried to explain what had happened to my mother, and why I did what I did to help save the woman. Rattled and bleeding she was just grateful that we were all safe. But I knew something amazing had happened. I realized that I was with a special Angel. His strength, gave me strength, his courage, my courage. This was to be my earliest experience I remember of my connection with Archangel Michael. 

I called on Archangel Michael’s help most recently in an act of desperation. As I was preparing to return home from a trip to sunny Florida, I began to feel very sick. Each hour, I seemed to feel progressively worse. Once I finally landed back in town, I drove straight to an Urgent Care. I was a “promise to quit smoking person” who was getting asthma-type symptoms more and more throughout the most recent years, along with frequent colds. But, this sickness felt very different. This time I couldn’t breathe, and was really frightened! 

I decided that I needed to ask for Archangel Michael’s help. I wanted to get better quickly, but most importantly I wanted to end my struggling with nicotine addiction. I knew I was getting so much worse, than what I had gotten away with in the past. So I prayed for the courage and strength to quit smoking for good. The following day I had figured I would have a little more time to have a last smoke, (there’s ALWAYS time for the last smoke... that’s the problem!) So when I lit up, and went to drag on the cigarette, my throat started closing. Imagine the shock, as THAT HAD NEVER HAPPENED IN ALL MY YEARS OF SMOKING. “Wow, is that your way of assisting me to quit?” I thought, and decided to check it out again an hour later to be sure. (I am a Taurus, and we’re stubborn, stubborn, stubborn”.) When my throat closed up again after trying to inhale yet again, I asked “Is this your solution to helping me to have strength and courage to quit?” The response was a hearty, deep-throated laughter. I felt foolish, but finally understood. That was the last time I smoked a cigarette, folks. Just to set the record straight, I smoked on and off for over 35 years. 

After quitting, I only had one day of withdrawal symptoms! How about that for something amazing! I am now smoke-free these past 5 months. I have no desire to go back. Because I was so sick, my doctor ordered chest x–rays. When the films came back normal, (A MIRACLE IN ITSELF) I promised to honor the help I was given and remain an ex-smoker for the rest of my days. 

I am very grateful that I have been given help from God’s warrior angel, whenever I have asked. Archangel Michael wants you to know that you are welcome to ask for his help. Ask him to help you with courage, protection and strength on any issues and challenges you are facing in your life and in the life of others.

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