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 "Thank you for my reading. My family was shocked and surprised by things you told me. The things about  my grandpa made my brother burst into tears. I wanted to let you know about the "tropical fish" reference. I asked my mother if there was any connection between fish and my grandpa. I did not mention the word "tropical" fish. She said my grandpa liked tropical fish and they had tropical fish when she was younger! I had no idea he liked tropical fish or even had them. I thought you would be interested in knowing the connection since it was such a strange reference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Over the past 30 years I have utilized both local and national psychics to assist me mostly in my business, and to a smaller extent in my personal life. Athough it is impossible for any psychic to be accurate 100% of the time it has been my experience that not only has Brenda been extremely precise, but more importantly she has also been able to give me additional insight into issues that later proved correct & advantageous.


"I was wondering if you are ever curious about how on target your readings are, or if you are even able to remember them afterward....let me say that some of the things you said on Monday completely blew me away! And several days after the fact there is even more going on...amazing amazingl..I don't want to bother you with details if they are something you would either rather not know or won't remember the context. But if you are interested in hearing I would love to share it with you. I tried not to influence you during the reading and in addition, some of the questions you asked would have had really convoluted answers so I was intentionally vague. I think that makes the reading that much more impressive!!!...Thank you. That seems inadequate but it's my heartfelt truth."


I have been working with psychics for many years both in the local area and as far as Los Vegas. Without a doubt Brenda's predictions, visions, and advice have been the most accurate I have experienced; I have made a practice of revisiting the recordings over these many years and I am still blown away because I often find more predictions that I know have come true I had forgotten I'd asked about! I love her work, and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a great psychic!                                               


"Gypsy (the dog) got her bling. Thank you. I am feeling better. You are phenomenal."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kathy                  

"You did a reading for me at Gentle Wind...I had never been to speak with someone like you before and I just  happened to be there with a friend whom you have sat with before. You immediately brought me to tears (ALL GOOD) with how you connected to my dad's dog "Shelby". I was scared at first or should I say "Uneasy" but everything you said was RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I did get custody of my son, just like you said it would happen and that I found out who Jenny was that kept talking. She was my grandmother, she died when my father was a young man. When I told him what you said, he knew immediately who it was. Everyone called her Jenny but her given name was Jeanetta and she was from Poland. My husband knew immediately that if it was Uncle Kenny you were talking about with the chess game and the window with the snow. I will be coming to see you again since my husband and I have moved to the area. You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

Monica Farnsworth


"I just wanted to thank you for the hour we spent together this morning. Your words lifted a tremendous burden from my heart and filled it with love. I can't tell you how empowered and at peace I feel. Thank you for sharing your gifts!!"



"Thank you for your reading, Sunday, at the fair in Columbus.  I have already seen amazing results in your clarity.  While we were discussing my getting a full time job, you asked me why I have not been involved in Web work.  I told you that I honestly didn't know.  Today, Tuesday, I had a job interview for another contract position and they are doing Web work.  I think the interview went very well and I may be learning Web work very soon.  I did stop at a book store after the interview and bought some books on the Web language that this company is using so that I could do some advance study if this contract does work out. Thank you again for your insight."



"My name is Tina and you read me twice on Friday afternoon at Gentle Wind.  I just wanted to once again express my gratitude to you for opening up many doors.  Since our time together, I am completely reenergized.  I sing in the choir at church, and when one of the men said good morning to me and asked how I was my answer was "Fabulous."  I do not know the last time I was able to say that and really mean it."

Tina B.


"I highly recommend Brenda Frazier to help guide you in your life. I have found her to be very accurate and compassionate on every occasion. She has helped me in large and small ways many times."

D. Schleich


"In today's complicated, busy and stressful world, it is rare to find insight and relaxation in 30 minutes or less. However, after a half-hour session with Brenda I felt a renewed sense of confidence in the decisions that I was making and a wonderful feeling of serenity. Brenda        was able to connect with my loved one that passed away years ago, bringing me confirmation of my "hunches" and a deep long-lasting joy".

M. Cunningham


" Dear Brenda, I remember you very well.  I admired your easy ability to communicate with spirit-at least it seemed easy.  I haven't had a reading since because you spoiled me."

Linda Yelton


"Brenda has an amazing gift! Her abilities are astonishing and she is right on target. She has me hooked. I have seen other several mediums in the Columbus, Ohio area and none of them even come close to Brenda’s talents. I would encourage anyone who seeks answers from the other side to have a reading with Brenda Frazier."

DB Lantz


Thank you for being so kind and compassionate during the two readings you have done for me. You have given me hope where there was none and have made me see things in a different light. The light of hope and the light of God. You connected me with someone who was very dear to me and through you her incredible personality came shining through and I know she is Okay. And I also know that there are others there with her from my family along with my beloved German Shepard. And I know that we will ALL dance together again one day. I would recommend you to anyone and already have. You have an incredible gift and you temper that gift with love and compassion. I am so very thankful that I found you. God bless you.

S. Dixon


"When answers evade me, I am so thankful that I have you to turn to for assistance, guidance and insights. You have helped me address many doubts and given me the inspiration and courage to pursue my dreams."

T. Rager


"I am still amazed and reaping the benefit of what you told me..I'll be back to see you for another session...Thanks for sharing your gift".

L. Mathisen


"The reading was terrific and very on target with my life and in line with most of my fundamental understanding of things".

N. Webb

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