Brenda Frazier

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Brenda is an Accurate Psychic Reader

Brenda is an accurate psychic reader with over 25 years professional experience and clairvoyant who sees visions from past lives into the future.  As a psychic medium she connects with loved ones and pets that have crossed over.  Much to her pleasant surprise, she can also communicate with animals.  To those who seek help, clarity and guidance, Brenda gives angelic and channeled messages in a straight-forward, loving manner with answers from the help of her spirit guides, Ascended masters, and angelic connections.  During her readings, Brenda often does what she calls energy work with the spoken word. Along with the loving help of spirit, her readings will often invoke spiritual energy work for her clients.

"I experience what it is like to connect to people on a profound level. When I am able to help them and to guide them with the help of Spirit, I am continuously reminded what my life’s purpose is all about." Frazier describes this experience as a sense of honor and joy that she is allowed to take part in another person’s path.

Gifted since birth, the universe conspired to share her gifts for the betterment of all who seek her guidance. 

With stunning accuracy Her “video tape-like” visions can help bring clarity for both past and present life experiences. As a conscious medium, she receives messages and visions from loved ones who have passed on. These are extraordinary transformational experiences for clients.

Originally raised on Long Island, NY, (yes, Brenda is a medium from Long Island!) she moved to Ohio and got her degree from Miami University. This led to her journey into the corporate business world for over 25 years. She was a  resident of Columbus, Ohio and had worked with businesses in the area as well as individuals. In addition to a busy schedule filled with clients, Brenda was also a writer for DreamWeaver Magazine. She has been a frequent guest on radio and does lectures and classes.

Brenda's work as a psychic has taken her many places. She now resides back on Long Island, When in Ohio, she often  travels all over the state.  Her Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, Google Duo, WhatsApp and Zoom (by special arrangement)  readings have her speaking and working with clients all over the United States and Canada, and she has also read for clients Internationally, as far as Singapore!

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Phone or Text:  614-323-8796 or 

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Readings at 6260 S. Sunbury Road, Westerville, Ohio (Suite 12) during her Ohio visits (see calendar)

Guest Radio Appearances

Body, Mind Spirit Expo
(Columbus, OH)

Body, Mind Spirit Expo
formerly Victory of Light Expo
(Cincinnati, OH)