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Say "NO" to fast food spirituality

There is no such thing as FAST FOOD SPIRITUALITY. We may be conditioned to believe we can get what we want; “right now!” but God’s time and our time are two very different things. 

Our daily lives reflect a pressure to produce and act at an unprecedented pace. The media is immediate. Travel is almost as quick. We are used to taking care of our needs with the least amount of discomfort. When our tummy’s grumble and the kids are screaming “I’m hungry”, we can and expect to take care of the problem – FAST and efficiently. As I am sure you have noticed, the spiritual path doesn’t work that way. 

There is no clock ticking off the minutes when we ask for Spirit’s help with our lives. There is no manager we can complain to, when we don’t get what we want, when we NEED IT NOW! Spirit answers in his/her time. It comes when we can listen, when we are open, when we are ready to hear. 

Many of us wish to travel down our individual spiritual paths sprinting rather than walking. But there is a big difference between knowing what we can become and having the willingness to do what it takes to grow. We want to find the most direct way to fix ourselves NOW, so we can attain enlightenment, joy, and serenity. When we are lonely, hurt, confused, anxious, or grieving, we often go right into the “fast food spirituality mode” to avoid the pain because we do not understand that some of the difficult circumstances are what help us improve our lives and gain a better understanding of where we are in the world.

Being a parent has been the best way for me to see things in perspective. My son, thirteen at the time, was having tremendous difficulty. I wanted to “fix” him but spirit helped me have the wisdom to simply pose the question. “If you stop and take a moment to think about the best life experience you’ve had and compare it with what you think is your worst, which one did you learn the most from?” Somewhat begrudgingly, he replied that he learned most from the worst experience. This is true for all of us. 

When I connect with spirit, my particular guide often laughs (of course in a kind, loving way) at our frantic pace for spiritual growth, and general obsession with the need to fix ourselves at the drop of a hat. He observes that “It is the very action of running rather than walking that holds us back.” 

Spirit does not want us to suffer but to accept that what life gives us, good or bad is there to educate us and help us find our path. The more we resist and want the quick fix, the more trouble and discomfort we create for ourselves. 

We need to pay attention to the small voice inside our head (or sometimes a very loud one) that gives us guidance. We really do get the help we need if we listen carefully enough to receive it. Often we do not pay attention because we are so distracted taking care of everybody’s needs (except our own). Spirits’ messages are often also sent to us through others: friends, family, and strangers. We progress by self-awareness, not by the sheer number of spiritual books we’ve read. When we do read, we need to allow the contents of books, magazines, and lectures really “speak to us”. Do you give yourself the time to decide whether or not the information you receive resonates with you? Does it really touch your soul? Perhaps you are confusing yourself with material that doesn’t “fit for you”. Next time you go to a bookstore try just standing there and scanning the books. Most often a book seems to “jump out at you”. If you try to read too many books at once, especially to keep up with other people, you can go into “spiritual reading overload”. Don’t feel bad if you buy a bunch of books at one time, and leave them in a pile. Books resonate when you are ready for them. No one is going to give you an “F” for lack of follow through if the books are not read immediately. When you are ready to be made aware, low and behold the book is read and it’s “just what you needed to hear!” This is the process of spiritual awakening. 

As trite as this sounds, there is great merit in stopping to smell the roses. Just taking that moment of focus for the gifts and simple pleasures we are given in this lifetime helps to slow the pace, and be more open to our spiritual paths. It seems like a simple concept….but like many simple concepts, most profound and difficult to achieve. Try slowing down and letting it happen. Allow yourself to be led to what you need. Take one step at a time, one day at a time. One lifetime at a time. 

There are no spiritual/metaphysical checklists to measure you by. Reading materials and lectures are to help you on your path, not provide yet another tool for negative self-judgment. We must each come to our path as we are led. We follow our longings. Trying to fill the voids left by our younger experiences. Many of us feel that the religious teachings don’t fit with how we feel inside. We know there is more, but as is often the case we are frantic to find some solid answers to help us feel secure in the world.

The only reliable answer is to have faith and patience. We can help our path by learning to slow down our minds, body and soul so that we may tap in to the universal consciousness, God of our understanding, spirit guides, angels, past lives etc. 

I am often told by Spirit to reassure my clients that “if it took you as many years of your life to get to this moment of guidance and help on your journey, it stands to reason that an accelerated understanding would be contrary to the way of things in order to absorb the knowledge needed to elevate the soul to another level of awareness, and understanding.” Spirit often says, “It is as it should be. Keep the mind and soul open to new possibilities.” 

So how do you do this? Kicking and screaming? Occasionally, but I don’t recommend that. Some of us are “slow learners”, and need repeated lessons. Others seem to glide through our life lessons. What does it matter, as long as your goal is to move in a forward direction? Many of us “beat ourselves up for taking a backslide into old thoughts and behaviors. For getting ourselves into bad situations, making poor choices and so on… Don’t be so hard on yourselves. All of us get stuck for a while. Spirit often says the soul has been given a “resting period.” Remember a resting period can mean days, months or years. This is the time to assess where you’ve been and where you are today. Spirit will often say in my readings, “the soul is not ready to progress to the next level of understanding”. This is NOT an admonishment, rather just a statement of assessment with regard to how the soul is going through its individual process. To understand more about soul lessons, please refer to Deborah Herman’s book “Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication,” Although it is a book for aspiring writers, it describes a process of soul’s growth through 7 lessons, and lovingly sheds more light on what the soul needs to learn on its journey through this and many lifetimes. 

So, the only true spiritual checklist needed, is one on self-assessment. Stop and take a moment to be very honest with yourself. How do you see your life? Half-full or half-empty? Are your frequently looking for what’s negative in the challenges you face? Or do you often acknowledge the positive aspects of your life? Are you grateful or ungrateful with your life? 

Remember to say “NO” to fast-food spirituality. The fast-food method causes much frustration, and will egg you on to compare yourself to others that seem much more “enlightened” than you are. You need not be intimidated or envious. Your time comes as it should. When you can hear it, when you can feel it, when you know that this lifetime with all its experiences is a never-ending opportunity to learn, grow, and have joy, you will then begin to relish in your life’s journey of understanding. The journey always begins with one-step forward.

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