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Recapture the Essence of Who You Are

Clients often ask me what their future holds with regard to their career, love life, family, and spiritual path.  As a clairvoyant, I am often gifted with visions of what the future has in store for them.  However, what often comes up initially in the reading, is a reflection of their past.  

Long forgotten emotions, and life experiences.  Why?  Spirit shares that one must look to the past to stay in touch with what the soul knows about who we are.  Our hopes, dreams, and thoughts.  To recapture some of our experiences can often provide clarity not only for who we are, but what resonates for us now and in the future. T o know where you are going, it’s best to see the path as it once was.  It is helpful to go back to the time before firm goals can be established, before parents, loved ones, and even friends told you what you should do, influencing your dreams and desires… 

We are a work in progress.  This work takes continual assessment.  Most of us do not take the time to stop and reflect.  We avoid it, and make excuses because it can be painful.  But, how can you move forward without looking back? 

Dig out a picture of yourself at around age 8 and place it where you can see it every day.  Don’t take out the dorky picture (we all have at least one) make it one you like.  This exercise requires you to look deeply at the little person with kindness and loving thoughts.  Think about what you were like at that time of your life.  When going back to that place, please do this objectively and without judgment or criticism.    

First:  What was your personality like?  Were you shy, outgoing, assertive, bossy, serious, light-hearted??  Were you a morning person or a night owl?  (Or did you fight going to sleep, because you were afraid of missing something?)  Many of us make changes as we get older, but still retain the essence and/or “natural” part of  our personality.   

Second:  What types of activities or hobbies did you like to do?  Did you draw a lot, (crayoning counts!) build things, read, do puzzles, take things apart?  Did you like going outside to play, or stay indoors?  Were you a collector of things?  Were you a landlubber or water baby?  

Three:  What excited or moved you?  Trees, flowers, animals, music?  

These reflections of self, seem so simple.  And yet many of us forget who we once were before time, responsibilities, and others cloud our vision and pathways.  For some of us, childhood is an intensely painful time in our lives.  However, unless you were raised by wolves, even a highly dysfunctional childhood has its bright moments of heart-felt interests and joy.  

So, make the time and go back and visit these moments with your picture.  It can be very helpful to write the things you remember about yourself.  I have done this exercise often. Here is one example:  

I was an outside kid. I loved venturing out in my backyard and hanging out with the trees often until dark.  I had fun examining the different leaves, bark, bugs and creatures that visited the trees.  There was a large, old oak tree in the backyard.  (As you may already have guessed, yes I am a tree-hugger!)  I remember going out to “visit” that tree almost every day.  Further, I felt warm and safe in the nooks and crannies of that great old oak!  I could feel the tree’s protection and strength.  (Even when climbing to the tippy-top, I never got so much as a splinter).  That is when I remembered that I could tap into the tree’s energy and feel it coursing not just within the tree, but to me as well.  I had forgotten that sense of things, the connection to living things and the delight and joy of that feeling.  

This particular journey, helped me to rediscover and reconnect with these feelings and senses.  Now I can understand them better from a psychic’s and energy workers perspective.  

The soul knows and remembers.  The truth of our connection to our world is a joyous experience.  There is renewal of understanding and wonder.  As we were as children, so can we be as adults.  

Recapture and revel in who you are, enjoy!

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