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To Everyday Miracles

How do you find the light? First you have to look. This means opening your eyes and your heart to the messages that are all around you. Glory and voice often comes in a whisper, not in a thunder clap. The miracles in our lives can come in the same way. 

This is one story of the miracles that are given and shared. 

A light felt like it went out of the waking world in April of this year. A dear one that walked the earth plane was brought back to be with the creator. Her soul knew it was time to come back. Many grieved piteously for her. Many felt lost, and abandoned. And so it was that a gift was given to one that was loved by the dear one as a message of joy, love and the hope for all to see both by the heart and by the soul. 

On the day of great sorrow, this little one walked around the house sobbing with grief. As she walked into the kitchen she spied a remnant of her son’s party left out and forgotten.

It was a bowl of potato chips. Absent-mindedly she began to nibble from the bowl, when a beam of light was sent and aimed into the bowl. Catching her attention (as it was meant to) she noticed that there was something in the bowl that caught her eye. She reached into the bowl, and plucked the thing that drew her attention. 

As the picture illustrates this is exactly what she found. Instantly there was laughter and joy in her heart, and she stopped crying! For as you can see, this chip was a special message. A perfect cut out heart, was burned into the delicate chip. 

What was the message given? “Do not grieve for me loved one, for I am with the all. I have returned home. I am happy, and full of joy. I love you. Love is always what remains. Share this message with others and it too will lighten their hearts as well. Look for the miracles in the smallest of places. Keep me in your heart, as I do you and all those I was fortunate enough to know. Be at peace.” 

It came with laughter, and it came with tears. It came to one that had “eyes” that were open to receive. In the most unlikely of places, and the most unlikely of times the miracle was revealed. These experiences are often found in the mundane and in the simplest of things. Keep your eyes and heart open. There are many reminders sent that we are not alone. That we are loved and watched over. 

As you may have guessed (or already have known this story) this miracle happened to me! The picture you see is just how the chip was found. When I found this chip, I raced to find my husband “the grounded one” and showed this to him. Even he said “holy smokes that’s a perfect heart!” The loved one who crossed? Jean Sidwell. Jean had a wonderful sense of humor, and knew that I would share this miracle with others. So, I have dutifully “schlepped” this chip everywhere so others could see the physical manifestation of love and joy. She knew I would know what to do with this message, and not be afraid to share this with others. What I didn’t know until afterwards was that Jean loved to “sneak” potato chips whenever she had the chance. It was one of her favorite snack foods. Further, someone mentioned to me about her business card. I hadn’t seen it recently and did not remember the logo she used. 


In these frenetic and somewhat uncertain times we rarely hear about the miracles that happen every day. So I am sharing this one with you now. May this story lighten your heart as it did mine. May your eyes be open to the miracles that are given to you.

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