Brenda Frazier

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Contact Information

Brenda is now residing in Long Island. (Yes, she IS a Long Island Medium) You can reach her by calling:
614-323-8796 or 631-588-2351.

You can text your requests and information to 614-323-8796. You can also facebook her at her site: Let Me Be Your Guide Limited.

**If you have been a past client of Brenda's you can also request to "see" her by skype or facetime.**

Once you have established yourself as a client, both the above methods are available for you to work with Brenda "face to face".

Please note: For those who wish to get a face to face session in the Columbus or Cincinnati area, please check the website calendar or contact Brenda as she does come back to the area to visit and do sessions.

You may also email her at: or


If you wish to be placed on the mailing list to receive occasional newsletters, please text or email her. Brenda will never send information to you without permission. 

Contact Brenda

Phone or Text:  614-323-8796 or Email: or for more information regarding rates, availability and parties.