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About Brenda's Psychic Readings

Psychic readings either in person or by phone are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.  Longer readings are available if necessary or as requested.

Cost of Psychic In-Person Readings and Phone Readings

Please contact Ms. Frazier either by phone  at 614-323-8796, by email at or through her Facebook page at Let Me Be Your Guide, Ltd.

Ms. Frazier requests that you think about what you would like to know, and will begin the reading by asking this question.

She does that purposefully, to stay focused on the foremost issues that are of concern to you! She does not need details, only areas that you wish to concentrate on. Certainly, there may be specific messages that are not part of your focus, but she does not want anyone to "walk away" from a reading without having guidance and direction in your areas of concern.

Let Brenda guide you through life's questions and provide clarity in the areas you need most.

What type of psychic reading would I get?

As a clairvoyant/clairsentient Ms. Frazier has been gifted with visions. She senses, sees and feels your energy. She can see into the past, past lives, present and the future. Brenda can "remote view" to people, places or things to find lost objects, tell you how a loved one is doing and where they are. However, she will never go so far as to spy on anyone, as it is an invasion of privacy.

As a medium, Brenda can connect with loved ones that have crossed over. She can do this with people as well as beloved pets! You may receive specific messages, symbols or visions of the past through the eyes of your loved one.

Brenda also can communicate with animals in the present.. It is one of her most favorite things to do! You may be very surprised to hear how your dog, cat, bird etc. feels about their life with you...

Ms. Frazier is also a health intuitive. She does NOT take the place of a Physician or Medical Practitioner, and does not claim to. However, she can help you shed light on present and future challenges to your wellbeing.

There is never an extra charge for focusing on a particular talent. Whatever is important for you to know, is what you will get. She jokingly loves to call her readings, "FullRange" readings. She is direct in her approach, but the message are delivered in a loving, and non-judgmental way. She respects the privilege of being allowed to glimpse into your life, and takes that very seriously. Your privacy is always kept.

As a special treat, she often ends the reading by "pulling" a card or series of "Healing with the Angels Cards". These cards are excellent for confirmation of the reading you just had and often leaves you with additional Angelic guidance for your "next steps"...

Invite a Psychic to your next event!

Want to bring a Psychic to your next Party?

Columbus, Ohio Area Residents:  The host/hostess must have  minimum guarantee of a two hour party. This is 4, 1/2 hour readings ($260) to book a small party. If there are 8 or more in the party Brenda will do 15 minute sessions.

For larger parties, Brenda can do per minute sessions paid per individual or arrange an hourly payment rate with the host/hostess.

Payments of cash are preferred when working with smaller parties. Typically readings are paid by the individuals per reading session.

Other arrangements for payment options may be made with Brenda for larger parties if necessary.

Many people ask what does Brenda need to do readings at my home or location? It is best to have a quiet/private space or separate room with a table and chairs. She will also need a plug as she brings her laptop. She brings the rest of her setup items. 

Columbus, Ohio Area Businesses:  Pricing is arranged on a per hour basis. Please note there may be drive time expense. Brenda is happy to bring her "equipment", laptop etc. to the location. 

Out of Columbus, Ohio area:  Ms. Frazier will travel for your party or event. Reasonable drive time and expenses will be added to your quote. The other minimums and set up information will apply.

Contact Brenda

Phone or Text:  614-323-8796 or Email: or for more information regarding rates, availability and parties.